Ship's Graveyard

Posted by Ian Bramham (Manchester, United Kingdom) on 15 December 2007 in Landscape & Rural and Portfolio.

I'm starting another mini-series today of 5 photos that I took a few days ago in and around the ship building town of Barrow-In-Furness which is located on the NW coast of England on the opposite side of the bay from Morecambe.



I've only just noticed that some of you very kind people out there must have been voting anonymously for me on the rating system at the VFXY Photos link just below this message.....It would appear that this blog is now at rated 7/10 which is a big improvement over the last few weeks and that its shot to No 739 in their world listing system :-)

I feel very honoured that you've been taking the time and trouble to do this without saying anything to me but embarassed that I hadn't noticed and been able to say thank you before now.

Anyway a sincere thank you from me for your vote of confidence :-)

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Judit from Montbui, Spain

wow great shot! nice colours and composition

15 Dec 2007 9:39am

@Judit: thanks very much Judit - thats very kind of you!

andrea from Padova, Italy

I haven't words.
A perfect picture.
A perfect landscape.

15 Dec 2007 10:32am

@andrea: Hi Andrea! - thanks for the warm words of encouragement. I appreciate it!

Lorraine from Gatineau, Canada

A heartbreaker this one: Exceptional!

15 Dec 2007 10:55am

@Lorraine: Thanks as always Lorraine for the encouragement - this new camera and 10-20 lens feel like they were made for me and are just a joy to use. I know my images can seem a little stark at times but that's beacause I really like the direct and simple approach in photos - the person that's me behind the camera is smiling a broad smile most of the time at the moment and i love sharing these images with you all as much as I enjoy taking them in the first place.

There were times with the old camera and its limited wide angle range when I would feel just so frustrated at not being able to capture the image I could see before me. Now though, with the new camera, I feel like a child who's just finally discovered how to walk - all of the frustration has disappeared and I feel much more confident about my photos.....I hope it shows in the images I'm posting!

All the best,


Andrea Auf dem Brinke from Desenzano del Garda (BS), Italy

JUST WOW, great shot

15 Dec 2007 12:13pm

@Andrea Auf dem Brinke: Hi Andrea - It's so nice that you feel that way about the photo - thanks!

gene from Patterson CA, United States

your photos are just wonderful. subject, composition, depth of field and overall quality is great

15 Dec 2007 3:14pm

@gene: Thanks Gene - things feel like they are coming together for me lately with my photos and I enjoy taking and sharing these photos with you all very much!

Marco O. from Desenzano d/G, Italy

This shot is FANTASTIC.

15 Dec 2007 3:40pm

@Marco O.: Thanks very much Marco!

Sandrine from Cincinnati, United States

Stunning shot! The colors, the light, everything is PERFECT!

15 Dec 2007 4:26pm

@Sandrine: Thanks Sandrine - I'm so pleased that you liked it!

T-Daddy from Dachsbach, Germany

Sehr schöööööööööönnnnnn

15 Dec 2007 4:29pm

@T-Daddy: I guess that translates as very niiiiiiiceeee.

Thanks T-Daddy! :-)

rem_la from France

c'est sublime !

15 Dec 2007 6:04pm

@rem_la: Merci bien rem_la!

Zsolt from Budapest, Hungary

this is really dramatic! a great shot!

15 Dec 2007 6:07pm

@Zsolt: Thanks very much Zsolt!

Ric from Beaujolais, France

Beautiful shot and great composition!

15 Dec 2007 9:31pm

@Ric: Thanks Ric - I'm really pleased that you liked it!

Lorraine from Gatineau, Canada

You deserve more accolades than you're getting!

16 Dec 2007 9:58am

@Lorraine: You're very kind but I guess everyone likes to share the joy and feel that their photos are enjoyed by others.

Michael Rawluk from Prince George, Canada

Stunning shot but it is amazing that they are just left there. It is like parking your car on the side of the road when you don't want it anymore and it stays there for years.
After that mental rambling, I have to say it is a terrific shot.

16 Dec 2007 6:19pm

@Michael Rawluk: Michael, it was the first time I'd seen such large boats abandoned like that in the UK - very weird but photogenic especially against that great natural backdrop of Morecambe Bay.

Laurent from Lyon, France

terrific picture! it is a so misterious light

17 Dec 2007 12:38pm

@Laurent: Thanks you Laurent! - I'll be in Paris soon for a couple of weeks staying in the city centre with relatives and can't wait to see what I can do with my new camera!

Damon Schreiber from Toronto, Canada

This has an epic feeling like the start of a long adventure. Love it!

17 Dec 2007 10:30pm

@Damon Schreiber: Thanks Damon - this new camera and wied angle lens are fantastic....they feel like they were made for me!

Nikon D40
1/40 second
ISO 200
21 mm (35mm equiv.)

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