Ian Bramham

About Ian Bramham

Ian is an award-winning fine art photographer and architect living in Poynton, Cheshire with his wife and two children.

Ian particularly enjoys photography that is simple and which leaves room for the imagination and for emotion. He loves photographing both the natural landscape and also the architecture of our built environment. The UK and Europe is a densely populated place and he is fascinated by the way in which the two elements of the natural and built environment often merge to produce a landscape that shows our human influence stretching back through the generations.

There are five main things that Ian aims for in his photography:

Beauty can mean many things to different people but, as a fine art landscape photographer, Ian is interested in photographing the natural beauty and visual drama of our urban and rural environment. This beauty and drama is emphasised by finding great subjects and light and by keeping the composition of his photographs as simple and direct as possible.

Our modern world is so complex and fast moving that this simplicity and directness can be a real pleasure in itself and it's something that Ian actively looks for when composing his photos in the camera viewfinder.

Mood and expression is an important aspect of Ian’s photography however his preference is for that of suggestion rather than prescription.

Great Light
Photography is all about the interplay between light and dark. Interesting and dramatic light can result in wonderful and truly memorable fine art photographs.

The strength of photography as an art form and the thing which makes it different from other forms of art is that it is fundamentally connected with reality.

The best landscape photography is all about one person's individual vision and how they perceive the world in which they live.


More info here on my website: http://www.ianbramham.com/section536519_235304.html

Photography Equipment

As you gain in experience as a photographer you eventually realise that the make and model of camera that you use is certainly the least important aspect of your photography. The main thing that really is important is that the camera you choose should be versatile enough and simple so that using it becomes instinctive - once you no longer have to consciously think about the technical side of photography it then allows you to concentrate on much more important things such the subject of your photo, composition and the quality of the light.

When I was a beginner however I did find it very helpful when I was looking at other peoples photos if I could see what camera settings had been used so I deliberately include the electronic exif data on each of my photos on this site - at the side of each photo you will see listed the make and model of the camera together with shutter speed, iso, lens aperture and focal length.