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Mont St. Michel
23 August 2010

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Cloud Machine
22 February 2010

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"Another Place"
30 January 2009

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"The Dying of the Light"
3 November 2008

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"Marmalade Skies"
23 May 2008

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Roa Island
21 May 2008

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Dusk in the Woods
10 May 2008

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'Life in the Fast Lane'
22 February 2008

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Winter Lights
1 December 2007

Recent Comments

Ana Lúcia on Telegraph Big Picture Competition June 2015

Linda Candilas on Telegraph Big Picture Competition June 2015
Congratulations, well done.:))

Daryl Johnson on Millennium Bridge, London #2
Love how this contrasts with the previous, definitely a different 'energy'.

Ian Smith on Telegraph Big Picture Competition June 2015
Well done, Ian!

L'Angevine on Telegraph Big Picture Competition June 2015

Helen on Telegraph Big Picture Competition June 2015
CONGRATULATIONS Ian! Well deserved. May I say, you are enjoying meteroric success as a photographer!

DarkElf on Telegraph Big Picture Competition June 2015
Congratulations Ian!

~~~Ann~~~ on Telegraph Big Picture Competition June 2015
big congratulations Ian and what an amazing pic of Meteora!

Anita on The Cage, Lyme Park
Love the large tree and small lodge. Excellent.

Anita on Manchester Castlefield Bridges
Outstanding composition. The architecture and the light/shadow work beautifully together.

Anita on Millennium Bridge, London #2
Interesting to see the two images with different shutter speeds. They have completely different feels to them.

Linda Candilas on Millennium Bridge, London #2
Beautiful B&W and love the special effects.:))

Hans ter Horst on Millennium Bridge, London #2
I like the motion in the shot a lot!

Vaido on Millennium Bridge, London #2
These ghosts make this view very impressive.

Vaido on Foggy Trees
Great couple captured in perfect mood!

Nahidul Ehsan on Battersea Power Station, London
This is imaginary beauty! I appreciate the photography and the and the aid for creating such photo :)

L'Angevine on Millennium Bridge, London #2
oh excellent ces personnages,bravo

Babzy on Millennium Bridge, London #2
great image !

DarkElf on Millennium Bridge, London #2
I like the effect of ghost like figures crossing the path in front of your camera! Just the right shutter speed for a ...

Robert D. Burr on Millennium Bridge, London #2
Very cool

Hans ter Horst on Millennium Bridge, London
Great position on the bridge, shows the symmetry perfectly

Linda Candilas on Millennium Bridge, London
Wonderful B&W.:))

L'Angevine on Millennium Bridge, London

DarkElf on Millennium Bridge, London
Magnificent balance and symmetry!

Ian Smith on Millennium Bridge, London
Very well done, Ian. This time of year it's super busy around this bridge (unless you get up early enough), so I ...

Ana Lúcia on Millennium Bridge, London
Masterful in every way.

Hans Ter Horst on Manchester Castlefield Bridges
I now see where M.C. Escher got his ideas :-)

shooter on Millstone, Peak District
Great shot, love this area one of my many haunts on two wheels

L'Angevine on Manchester Castlefield Bridges

DarkElf on Manchester Castlefield Bridges
There is order in the chaos! There are just so many layers and elements here - it is just unbelievable and they all ...

Robert D. Burr on Manchester Castlefield Bridges
Beautiful tonality. I like how you have been able to isolate each bridge.

Anita on Point of Ayr Lighthouse
I'm enjoying your wonderful B&W photos.

Anita on Spiral
Excellent graphic image.

Anita on The Cage, Lyme Park

Linda on Foggy Trees
Nothing like the fog to make a beautiful photograph.:))

L'Angevine on Foggy Trees
superbe ces arbres

DarkElf on Foggy Trees
fantastic balance and great transition between silhouetted ground and foggy sky!

Robert D. Burr on Foggy Trees
Beautiful. I read your articles and found them most interesting.

Jean Fraipont on Wellcome Spiral
Very good POV and strong contrasts ! Kind regards Jean

JCJ on Wellcome Spiral
j'aime le design de cet escalier, beau graphisme

L'Angevine on Wellcome Spiral
superbe ces courbes et bandes puis le cadrage aussi en plongée

DarkElf on Wellcome Spiral
nice work on the shot and quick processing! love the swirling lines and the steps provide good rigid patterns to offset ...

Annierita & Annisabelle on Wellcome Spiral
Very beautiful composition and all those different shades of grey till the very pale white. And I like the couple down ...

Frankiess on Wellcome Spiral
Very nice

Anna Cherer on Wellcome Spiral
Hey ! iphone not so bad )) excellent framing and capture Ian ! Love it !

Hans ter Horst on Wellcome Spiral
Love it; the people at the bottom of the stairs really give the shot depth. I'm glad they think of photographers ...

tom on Millstone, Peak District
I like how the stones forming lines leading into the image. Great composition!

Linda Candilas on Millstone, Peak District
The best B&W's, you've got the magic.:))

Christian Richer on 'Digital Camera' magazine, Issue 162, April 2015
Oh, I wish I had the French translation! ;-)

L'Angevine on Millstone, Peak District
intéressante roue

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