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Mont St. Michel
23 August 2010

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Cloud Machine
22 February 2010

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"Another Place"
30 January 2009

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"The Dying of the Light"
3 November 2008

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"Marmalade Skies"
23 May 2008

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Roa Island
21 May 2008

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Dusk in the Woods
10 May 2008

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'Life in the Fast Lane'
22 February 2008

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Winter Lights
1 December 2007

Recent Comments

L'angevine on Masts and Cables
belle prise

CLODO on Masts and Cables
Well done, the essence of B&W: lines and light in a balanced composition

Hans ter Horst on Masts and Cables
Excellent, love the balanced composition! For other people reading this, I can really recommend the set of articles ...

DarkElf on Masts and Cables
superb composition and use of lines and contrast for this capture!

aaanouel on Masts and Cables
... and the wide white frame does a perfect complement.

aaanouel on Masts and Cables
Another master piece Ian, perfect dynamic balance, Congrats! ✎✓✓✓✓✓ Txs4sharing

Eric C. on Masts and Cables
Great !

Ben on Masts and Cables
Une très belle composition graphique!

Eric C. on "What Digital Camera" magazine April 2014
Congrats Ian ! I can read you've got a nikon D800. Are you satisfied by this camera ?

Sergei Z on "What Digital Camera" magazine April 2014
Congratulations! I need to find a copy of this magazine. :-)

Ludovic Roudet on "What Digital Camera" magazine April 2014
Congratulations !

DarkElf on "What Digital Camera" magazine April 2014
well deserved recognition! congratulations!

CLODO on "What Digital Camera" magazine April 2014
Congratulations Ian for this publication.

shooter on IWM, Manchester

Ian Smith on "What Digital Camera" magazine April 2014
This is great, Ian. Always amazing to see your hard work pay off with this kind of recognition. You deserve it. I ...

Ben on "What Digital Camera" magazine April 2014

Anna.C on "What Digital Camera" magazine April 2014
No doubt that you are the right person to make this kind of article, Ian! And a publication of your superb work in more ...

Martine Libouton on "What Digital Camera" magazine April 2014
Félicitation à toi!!!! Que du bonheur pour toi! Tu le mérites vraiment tes photos sont toujours ...

L'angevine on IWM, Manchester
oh génial

DarkElf on IWM, Manchester
a great study in the abstract nature of geometric shapes, lines and angles! brilliant vision!

aaanouel on IWM, Manchester
A Master Piece, indeed! Congrats Ian!!! ✎✓✓✓✓✓ Txs4sharing

Hans ter Horst on IWM, Manchester
Sweet! The composition makes it almost feel like you stuck two images together to create this Escher-like photo (I know ...

Ian Smith on IWM, Manchester
Nice abstract, Ian.

Martine Libouton on IWM, Manchester
Superbement cadré! j'adore++++ 5*

Moridi on IWM, Manchester
Wonderful shot.

Babzy on IWM, Manchester
excellent ! :)

Isa ✩ on Tate Britain
Superbe tout ce blanc, presque irréel...

DarkElf on Tate Britain
brilliant composition and superb cleanliness that shines though the white surfaces!

Eric C. on Tate Britain
Great framing Ian !

rem_la on Tate Britain
magnifique impression de pureté

omid on Tate Britain

L'angevine on Tate Britain
oh j'aime cette douceur du gris et cette lumière

Hoshisato on Tate Britain
Lovely find! I've visited the Tate Modern many times, never spotted this view; you're good! :-)

Ana Lúcia on Tate Britain
Fantastic high key.

oldshutterhand on Tate Britain
Very well proceeded architecture photo with that person in the back.

Ian Smith on Tate Britain
I've yet to visit, but from what I see it looks amazing! Love how well you've controlled the light tones. Do ...

Shiva on Tate Britain
I like the POV with the natural framing of the entrance and leading the eyes through. -- High key photography bringing ...

Tony on Tate Britain
Beautiful composition and great timing too! I love the light look and those shades of gray depicting that beautiful ...

Anna.C on Tate Britain
superb composition of lines and volumes ! I like the pure whiteness !

CLODO on Tate Britain
Superb high key with the rounded shapes and inhabited by the human silhouette and its reflection on he ground.

Ben on Tate Britain
J'aime la douceur des "blancs" et la composition!

Daryl Johnson on Llandudno Shelter
I'm certainly feeling elegance crossed with spartan loneliness...

Eric C. on Llandudno Shelter
Cleaver !

Gérard Beullac on Playground by the Sea
In my opinion, this presence at the left side is essential as it makes the shot a litle bit warmer (less cold) in some ...

Gérard Beullac on Llandudno Shelter
A model of simplicity.

Ted on IWM, Manchester
Splendid use of fog and infinity!

Ben on IWM, Manchester
Magnifique! J'adore ce graphisme qui se perd dans la brume!

Ludovic Roudet on Llandudno Shelter
Superbly mastered and refined.

Wolfgang on IWM, Manchester
Great perspective and light!

Hans ter Horst on Llandudno Shelter
Love it, so very symmetric and I like the composition a lot!

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